3D Visualisation / CGI (Computer Generated Images)

CGI (Computer Generated Images) Leeds agency Pure offer full still and video 3d modelling and animation.

CGI imaging and video is a unique brand of photo realistic computer generated imagery and video animation produced by Pure.

Mixing real photography with computer generated images provides the perfect solution and the key to providing realistic rendered images, believable images. Historically soft materials suck as fabrics and  and soft furnishings have been difficult to render realistically whereas hard surface materials render very realistically. By blending the two medias Pure provide more realistic images.

Pure individually photograph towels, plants, face cloths and sponges in exactly the same orientation to placed into the finished CGI rendered image providing incredible results.
computer generated images

Full CGI animation for Munchkin baby products.

Munchkin wanted to produce a short video animation to use as an in-store point of sale video to demonstrate the unique selling points of their new Latch baby bottle. The 3D models of the bottle were imported form the original CAD design drawings ensuring they were exact replicas not to mention the tame saved not having to create the models. The kitchen scene was created from scratch, animation ‘bones” were added bottle teat to enable it to flex and bend in the animation. The video runs for just over 2 minutes and has been translated into 6 languages.

Munchkin Latch from PURE Video on Vimeo.

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