Vehicle Photography for Bespoke Land Rovers

Car photography in Pure’s photographic studio and re-touching.

This range of vehicle photography images created for Bespoke Landrovers to showcase the range of conversions and modifications provided by the exclusivity car company. All cars were shot in the photography studio in Leeds and then dropped into the background images seen here. To give the images added realism, reflections and lighting effects were applied to the cars along with shadows and wheels were imaged to look as if they were rotating where applicable.

Vehicle Photography

infinity cove leeds

studio vehicle photography
Vehicle photography for Bespoke cars

Further photography of the cars was done for the interior modifications and close-up photography was done to highlight the attention to detail of the modifications. Getting images on location would have been very time consuming and expensive and finding snow in June is not always easy either. The sessions each car had in the vehicle photography studio also provided a series of clean studio shots that could be used for other promotional work.


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