Same camera position 2 days apart

What a difference a day makes!

…or two days in this case. From start to finish the set was built, painted, propped and photographed by our in-house team of photographers, stylists and set builders. Both images below are shot from exactly the same place in Pure’s main commercial photography studio 2 days apart.

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Commercial photography bradford

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Commercial photography model shoot for Savoir Fayre

Savoir Fayre have a regular day in the photography studios each month shoot test shots and portfolio shots for established and new models. Utilising a number of sets and back drops the day provides a great range of images in different environments and a range of styles. There were 6 models present a this months shoot with 2 makeup artists and 2 photographers shooting in the studio at Leeds. This is a great experience for new commercial photography models, as the day is very much like the commercial photography shoots they will experience in their future career, busy, quick changes, and working as a team to get the right images.

Bellow are a selection of shots from one of the set on the day.

commercial photography leedscommercial photography west yorkshirephotographer leedsphotography studio leeds

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Fashion Shoot for Savoir Fayre Model Mentors

A busy days Fashion Photography for fashion model mentors Savoir Fayre. Two room sets at Pure’s studios in Leeds, in photography studio 1 and multiple backgrounds in studio 2, 6 models, 2 make-up artists and a lot of work, but well worth it for the results. The two roomsets were initially set up at a bathroom and a kitchen to set the scene for photographic backdrop for the models photography. The photography room sets were swapped out halfway through the day to create a bedroom set and a simple lounge set. Focus for all the shots were the models with the room sets just setting the scene, but careful consideration was used by the set builders to ensure the sets were not too busy and distract the eyes form the main subject.