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Social media photography, video, animation and content production.

social media photography

Social media content through photography, video and animation is one of the best way to quickly engage with your followers and encourage interaction between your social media audience.

Commercial photography and video production by Pure for social media.

Knightsbridge Furniture Video

Corporate Video Production

Corporate Video Production  for Knightsbridge furniture showcasing the production of a chair from the raw materials through to delivery. Alan Townes CEO of Knightsbridge did a fantastic job of presenting the video and reading from the autocue like a pro. The video was shot over a couple of days at the factory in Bradford, to  capture the true scale of Bradford site we deployed our Drone to get aerial video footage and then edited all the footage back at our studio in Leeds, motion tracking graphics add an additional dimension to the production.

The video now features on Knightsbridge’s web site and has had great exposure through social media channels like Facebook and Linkedin where video content is becoming an importtant part of marketing.

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